“Comrades started to take [the newspapers] out there and plaster them everywhere they went. That was really when we began to define the community as a gallery for the art. People going on their way to work, people trying to survive, people who couldn’t afford to go to an ivory tower gallery could now see the images. And what they saw were themselves…”

—Emory Douglas

Former Minister of Culture, Black Panther Party
Juxtapoz Magazine, March 2011.
January, 2012.

I had the opportunity to follow artist David Young V and Sean Stewart of Babylon Falling rolling through the Tenderloin in SF pasting up artwork as a tribute to the legendary Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party.

Sean was in town for a series of talks and book signings to promote his book “On the Ground — An Illustrated Anecdotal History of the Sixties Underground Press” and brought with him reproductions of a powerful piece Emory created for the back cover of the November 14, 1970 issue of the Black Panther Party Newspaper. David and Sean linked up for a night of work.

These are some select images from that night.
See more images from the night in my Photo Archive.
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